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My child goes to pre-school. So why do they need Jumping Beans?


With all the media coverage about children becoming less active, we as parents are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of finding time for physical activities for our children.


Here at Jumping Beans we can help! Our classes target children’s fitness and co-ordination skills and your pre-school child can also benefit from the following at Jumping Beans:


  • Learning basic skills which are needed for Key Stage 1 assessment at school.  We enjoy singing, imaginative play and lots of physical activity.

  • Detailed co-ordination exercises to encourage ease of pencil grip control.

  • The confidence gained from achieving simple challenges, such as completing an obstacle course, throwing and catching balls, rolling and spinning hoops.

  • Developing pleasure from physical activity – meaning your child is more likely to enjoy and benefit from school PE lessons.

  • Learning typical school interaction techniques such as taking turns, forming a queue, sharing equipment and praising others.

  • Social development from being part of the group and working with others to achieve success, such as participating in relay races, colour sorting and shape building games.

  • A sense of pride in achievement – receiving praise and encouragement, together with stamps and certificates every week or term.


At Jumping Beans we aim to work in addition to your child‘s nursery or pre-school to give your little ones the best possible start as they move onto the next stage of their lives.  

But please don‘t tell them – they really think they just come along to have fun!


Children need to wear comfortable clothes, preferably trousers or shorts and bare feet.


Jumping Beans Classes for

3 to 5 year olds

Class time table