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Baby Classes

Stimulation, songs and fun for your baby


During the first year of a child’s life we have the opportunity as parents to stimulate our children with the necessary experiences that will help to equip them with the sensory-motor skills essential for all further learning.


In between meeting your baby’s physical and emotional needs, play time can incorporate certain specific movements which will allow your baby to derive full benefit from each stage of development.


At Jumping Beans, our experienced coaches provide a combination of sensory stimulation, songs and exercises to help your baby develop, whilst you spend quality time with your baby in a social environment.


You and your baby will experience the following:


  • An environment created to expose your baby to a variety of tactile experiences, to enable learning through touch and visual awareness.

  • Gentle exercises to help your baby to progress from the reflex movements present at birth to voluntary movements necessary for crawling, walking, balancing, etc.

  • Activities to give your baby the opportunity to integrate the brain, inner ear, eyes and muscles together, in the search for balance.

  • Simple action songs and rhymes to help develop a sense of rhythm and pleasure from music.

  • A chance to relax and chat, to catch up on news, discuss child-related issues and to form supportive relationships with other parents.



These classes are suitable for babies from 3 months old up to when they are walking confidently.  


Most importantly the emphasis is on FUN! in a safe, loving and supportive environment.



From 3 months to walking

Class time table